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Important information. We would like to inform you that as a result of the changes in the legislation from September 4, 2023, driving a vehicle with visible emissions, the emissions of which do not comply with the norms established by the legislation of Georgia, will result in the driver being fined. However, please note that you are driving a vehicle registered to a legal entity and two administrative fines apply to you. According to the leasing agreement signed between us, you are obliged to have a vehicle in a technically sound condition. Based on the above, we inform you that payment of any administrative fine issued within the framework of Article 119 II Prima of the Code of Administrative Offenses is the responsibility of the lessee. In case of repeated offense, the legislation provides for an increased amount of the fine. The Mogo company requests you to maintain the vehicle and carry out a technical inspection to avoid such unpleasant consequences. We wish you good luck.

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